Peniwern first came out in the market as a factory that manufactures clothes for well-known brands such as Adidas, Nike, and Under Armour. And through this engagement with these famous brands, we learned to produce well made and above quality clothes for everyone. We tried so hard to practice best quality in every apparel that we made to meet the expectations of these big names in the industry and as well as the public. Apparently, we didn’t fail to achieve that goal and our relationship became stronger as the years passed.

We started this business in 2000 here in Singapore and continually flourishing until today. After a couple of years of producing high quality clothing products for some brands, we decided to create our very own brand in 2006 and we even opened our first outlet in Bugis Street in the same year. This became the biggest challenge of our company since we are new in this business and we don’t have a name yet to prove to the public that we are better than any other independent outlet out there.

Our company focuses on producing different styles of women’s apparel. We concentrated on this line because we believe that our women today need a company that will give them the best outfit for their everyday lives. We make stylish tops and skirts for girls of all ages. And our designers make sure that all the designs are fresh and comfortable to wear – from party clothes to formal dinner dresses, we have all this stuff in our outlets.

As time flies, from 2006 and up to now, we already established few outlets around Singapore and a couple in Malaysia. Aside from these outlets, we are also supplying quality products to different resellers in Singapore to carry our brand. We continue to supply our outlets with high quality made apparel because we want to establish a long lasting trust from all our clients. We want them to make us their official brand of fashionable clothes.